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A1 Line Remover

P/N REM-0001-01

For low cost, fast efficient line removal

  • Line removal - permanently!
  • Up to 150mm wide line removal.
  • Easy to use - Works in traffic, compact design suitable for concrete or asphalt.
  • Centrifugal clutch – Easier starting. Enables engine to idle with cutter head resting on roadway, without machine moving forward.
  • Works fast
  • Self-propelling
  • Revolutionary Line Remover Head Assembly mounted between twin heavy-duty bearings, comprising five individual cutter shafts.
  • Components heat-treated for longer life.

MC-400 Wired Remote

P/N TL0414-BOM

Manual control (cabled) of single and 2-way configurations.

TRH-4 Wireless Remote

P/N TL0420-BOM

Unlimited remotes can be used with any one system. Ability to control all intersection configurations including 4-way.

LineLazer V 250 SPS

HP Reflective Series P/N 25D340

With exclusive automatic paint guns and hydraulic power, the LineLazer V 250SPS HP Reflective Series is a self-propelled system with reflective bead capability designed for large, heavy-duty line striping jobs including parking lots and road jobs.

LineLazer V 250 DC

HP Reflective Series P/N 25D344

The LineLazer V 250DC HP Reflective Series provides high-production dual colour striping and reflective bead application capability and is ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or any application with highlight lines or dual-colour stripes with reflective beads.