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LineLazer V 200DC

HP Reflective P/N 17Y270

Ideal for smaller dual colour jobs, the new LineLazer V 200DC simplifies the 2-colour application process. Striping contractors can improve their efficiency and profitability by eliminating the need for separate “yellow” and “white” machines, while spending less time refilling materials.

"A-Z" Alphabet Set

  • 100mm (P/N LP0100)
  • 150mm (P/N LP0110)
  • 200mm (P/N LP0120)
  • 300mm (P/N LP0130)
  • 600mm (P/N LP0140)

"0-9" Numbers Set

  • 100mm (P/N LP0101)
  • 150mm (P/N LP0111)
  • 200mm (P/N LP0121)
  • 300mm (P/N LP0131)
  • 600mm (P/N LP0141)


  • 100mm x 450mm (P/N LP0102)
  • 150mm x 625mm (P/N LP0112)
  • 200mm x 800mm (P/N LP0122)
  • 300mm x 1195mm (P/N LP0132)
  • 2 Piece Stencil
    600mm x 525mm & 500mm x 1730MM (P/N LP0142)


  • 100mm x 370mm (P/N LP0103)
  • 150mm x 530mm (P/N LP0113)
  • 200mm x 695mm (P/N LP0123)
  • 300mm x 1035mm (P/N LP0133)
  • 600mm x 2075mm (P/N LP0143)