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Portable Traffic Lights

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RP1 Repeater System

P/N TL0405

RP1 Repeater mounted in “Wheelbarrow” Type Box and can be easily wheeled around the work site.

  • System no longer restricted to line of sight
  • Operate units easily in hilly terrain and transmit around hills, trees and bends
  • Transmit over twice the normal distance

Remote Controller

MC-400 Wired P/N TL0414

Manual control of single and 2-way configurations

Remote Controller

TRH-4 Wireless P/N TL0420

Wireless remote control.

Unlimited remotes can be used with any one system.

Ability to control all intersection configurations including 4-way

Trailer - Purpose Built

P/N TL0016

Purpose built galvanised trailer with spare tyre. Fits up to two (2) wheelbarrow boxes.

Vehicle Detectors

P/N TL0060-06

The detector is mounted above the red aspect and pointed towards the oncoming traffic. The detector has a single zone of detection stretching from the radar to typically 35m along the carriageway. The detection zone is such that only vehicles approaching the detector are detected and vehicles travelling away from the detector are ignored. Up to two lanes wide can be monitored.