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A1 Road Liner

GMax 3400 P/N GMAX 3400

The A1 Model GMax 3400 is the introductory model of our range. Compact and versatile, the GMax 3400 is ideal for marking factories, schools, shopping centres, sports fields and light commercial duty.

A1 Road Liner

GMax II 7900 P/N GMAX II-7900

The GMax II 7900 offers the most output of any piston pump pedestrian line marker on the market. Its 8.3 litre per minute (free-flow) capacity means you can spray with up to 3 guns at once! Great for airport runways. Both pumps offer the Graco ProConnectâ„¢ displacement pump which means you need NO tools to completely remove the pump.

A1 Line Remover

P/N REM-0001-01

For low cost, fast efficient line removal

  • Line removal - permanently!
  • Up to 150mm wide line removal.
  • Easy to use - Works in traffic, compact design suitable for concrete or asphalt.
  • Centrifugal clutch – Easier starting. Enables engine to idle with cutter head resting on roadway, without machine moving forward.
  • Works fast
  • Self-propelling
  • Revolutionary Line Remover Head Assembly mounted between twin heavy-duty bearings, comprising five individual cutter shafts.
  • Components heat-treated for longer life.

MC-400 Wired Remote

P/N TL0414-BOM

Manual control (cabled) of single and 2-way configurations.