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A1 Line Remover

  • P/N REM-0001-01
  • For low cost, fast efficient line removal

    • Line removal - permanently!
    • Up to 150mm wide line removal.
    • Easy to use - Works in traffic, compact design suitable for concrete or asphalt.
    • Centrifugal clutch – Easier starting. Enables engine to idle with cutter head resting on roadway, without machine moving forward.
    • Works fast
    • Self-propelling
    • Revolutionary Line Remover Head Assembly mounted between twin heavy-duty bearings, comprising five individual cutter shafts.
    • Components heat-treated for longer life.


Cutter Head Assembly

  • Hardened steel cutters shear off paint with high speed cutting action. Cutters are spaced on five shafts for 4” or 6” line removal.
  • On the job cutter change takes only minutes.

Robust Construction

  • Frame is heavy section welded steel plate, reinforced at stress points, while cutter head assembly cover lid is 10 gauge steel plate.


  • Protected by steel plate mounted at rear of cutter head assembly.


  • Wide bar with rubber grips ensure good control.
  • Throttle control and cut-out switch mounted adjacent to handle bar.

Vee Belt Drive

  • Guarded twin vee belts drive cutter assembly


Line Remover