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Ultra Max II 650 PC Pro

Hi Boy P/N 19Y424

The new Graco Ultra Max II 650 PC Pro Electric Airless Sprayer is the lightest weight 2-gun electric airless sprayer. It is a true workhorse – delivering the perfect combination of quality, performance, portability and durability.

RP1 Repeater System

P/N TL0405

RP1 Repeater mounted in “Wheelbarrow” Type Box and can be easily wheeled around the work site.

  • System no longer restricted to line of sight
  • Operate units easily in hilly terrain and transmit around hills, trees and bends
  • Transmit over twice the normal distance

GrindLazer Pro DC1013

P/N 25M846

The GrindLazer Pro DC1013 G is a high-output option for marking removal, leveling and surface preparation.

Available in 13 HP Honda Power.

GrindLazer Pro RC813

P/N 25M847

The GrindLazer Pro RC813 G is the ideal choice for when you need to remove lines without grooves. The rotary action of this scarifier hovers over the surface, resulting in line removal without leaving any ghost lines—making this the “No-Groove Line Eraser.”

GrindLazer HP DC89

P/N 25M992

The GrindLazer HP DC89 G is a good choice for general line removal. Its EasyGlide™ Wheel Mount System makes it as easy to use as a LineLazer,® and its rugged, innovative design means you can count on it to perform for a lifetime of use.