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Type C Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer

The Type C LED Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer meets AS4192:2006 Illuminated Flashing Arrow Signs. The trailer is a selfcontained item of plant supplied on its own trailer with back-up battery supply powered by two (2) 80W solar panels positioned flat on top of the arrow sign to attain the optimum solar energy regardless of trailer direction. As the unit is designed to be left unattended. It is fitted with stabilisers and adequate protection against interference from unauthorised persons. The arrow sign can be lowered, rotated and locked to reduce wind drag while the trailer is being towed behind a vehicle.

Scorpion II TL-3 MASH Eligible Truck Mounted Attenuator

100KM/H P/N 100BC-5211

The Scorpion II TL-3 TMA from TrafFix Devices is the world's first MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible Truck Mounted Attenuator. The Scorpion II TL-3 Truck Mounted Attenuator is hydraulically powered and is ideal for stationary and mobile construction zones. Available exclusively in Australia from A1 Roadlines.

Traffic Control Truck

Custom-built to your requirements with a variety of accessories including full colour VMS boards, arrow boards, auxiliary batteries, UHF and more.

Type C Solar LED Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer

$13,200.00 (inc. GST)

RRP $16,500.00 (inc GST)

The Type C Solar LED Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer is used in conjunction with other signs and devices to give advance warning of a short-term road closure.

*Excludes Rego

Cyclone 20 Separator

P/N 25M861

Add one of Graco’s Cyclone Separators in-line with the LazerVac to collect the larger debris prior to getting to the vacuum filter — greatly extending the time between filter changes. Recommended for use with LazerVac 330.