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  • 100mm x 460mm (P/N LP0105)
  • 150mm x 640mm (P/N LP0115)
  • 200mm x 820mm(P/N LP0125)
  • 300mm x 1225mm (P/N LP0135)
  • 2 Piece Stencil
    600mm x 510mm & 600mm x 645mm (P/N LP0145)

Arrows & Statcon

  • Turn Arrow (P/N LP0171)
  • Straight Arrow Head (P/N LP0170)
  • Arrow Tail (P/N LP0172)
  • Path Through Arrow - 1000mm L (P/N LP0174)
  • Stop Line Statcon - 300mm x 3000mm L (P/N LP0176)
  • Giveway Holding Line Statcon - 300mm x 600mm Blocks x 3000mm L (P/N LP0177)
  • Statcon - 150mm x 600mm Blocks x 3000mm L (P/N LP0178)


  • 550mm W x 500mm H (LP0185)

Stencils Made To Order

Company Logo's or Name, etc

1 Pump RoadLazer RoadPak

P/N 25D268

Since 1997 Graco’s RoadLazer has been the “go to” system for many road and airport striping applications.

The modular design of the RoadPak System allows you to customise for your individual needs.