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Type C Flashing Arrow Trailer RMS Approved

  • The Type C LED Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer meets AS4192:2006 Illuminated Flashing Arrow Signs and is RMS-NSW Type Approved.


The trailer is a selfcontained item of plant supplied on its own trailer with back-up battery supply powered by two (2) 80W solar panels positioned flat on top of the arrow sign to attain the optimum solar energy regardless of trailer direction. As the unit is designed to be left unattended. It is fitted with stabilisers and adequate protection against interference from unauthorised persons. The arrow sign can be lowered, rotated and locked to reduce wind drag while the trailer is being towed behind a vehicle. Used in conjunction with other signs and devices the Type C LED Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer provides advanced warning and directional information to assist in diverting and controlling traffic around construction or maintenance activities. A lockable steel enclosure protects the controller and batteries from the elements
and vandalism.


  • Easy to use one touch controller with real time display
  • Arrow can be changed at the push of a button
  • In built LED diagnostics
  • Automatic dimming
  • Heavy duty military specification wiring connectors

Modes Of Operation

  • Arrow Right
  • Arrow Left
  • Double-Headed Arrow
  • Non-Directional Warning


  • 2440mm x 1220mm Arrow Sign
  • 15 Lamps – Front
  • 2 Lamps - Rear
  • 12 Volt
  • Visibility Distance – 0 to 860 metres
  • Meets AS4192-2006
  • RMS Type Approval # ITS-TAN00060

Trailer Specifications

  • 3150mm Length
  • 1730mm Width (Travel Position)
  • 2440mm Width (Operating Position)
  • 2730mm Height (Travel Position)
  • 3500mm Height (Operating Position)
  • 50mm Detachable Tow Coupling
  • 720kg
  • Tilt Adjusting Mast Trailer
  • Two x Fixed & Two x Adjustable Outriggers
  • Weight Ballasting
  • Spare Tyre

Power Specifications

  • Six (6) x 6V Lead Acid Batteries wired for 12 Volt
  • Two (2) x 80 Watt Solar Panels


Type C Flashing Arrow Sign Trailer