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LNX8 Line Remover

  • P/N LNX8-D
  • ONE ONLY! (RRP $12,650.00 incl GST)

    For heavy-duty erasing performance, the Smith LNX8 tri-cut rotary eradicator is designed to remove old traffic markings and prepares road surfaces for new coatings. Designed for one operator to easily remove from 25mm – 600mm (1” to 24”) wide using a unique swivel wheel sweeping removal method.

    A dual belt drives the cutter head assembly outfitted with three carbide pin design cutters. This assembly is held at a fixed angle to the road surface, permitting a simultaneous vertical and horizontal floating cutter action. It feathers the substrate edges with a rolling action while leaving the surface in a natural condition.

    The LNX8 works extremely efficient by breaking the coating and scraping across it simultaneously, leaving a smoothed beveled edge.


The LNX8 will:

  • Prepare surfaces for coatings
  • Remove all road and surface coatings and paints
  • Permanently erase epoxy, thermoplastic and tapes
  • Clean surfaces impacted with grease, oil, plastics, tars, resins & tile adhesives
  • Scarify floors to provide non-slip surfaces


  • One (1) set of 3 cutters - 72 Pin Ultra-Premium Tungsten Carbide Cutters
  • Fixed Rear Handlebars (No shown in picture)