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  • 100mm x 460mm (P/N LP0105)
  • 150mm x 640mm (P/N LP0115)
  • 200mm x 820mm(P/N LP0125)
  • 300mm x 1225mm (P/N LP0135)
  • 2 Piece Stencil
    600mm x 510mm & 600mm x 645mm (P/N LP0145)

Arrows & Statcon

  • Turn Arrow (P/N LP0171)
  • Straight Arrow Head (P/N LP0170)
  • Arrow Tail (P/N LP0172)
  • Path Through Arrow - 1000mm L (P/N LP0174)
  • Stop Line Statcon - 300mm x 3000mm L (P/N LP0176)
  • Giveway Holding Line Statcon - 300mm x 600mm Blocks x 3000mm L (P/N LP0177)
  • Statcon - 150mm x 600mm Blocks x 3000mm L (P/N LP0178)


  • 550mm W x 500mm H (LP0185)

Stencils Made To Order

Company Logo's or Name, etc

Pedestrian Pavement For Paths

  • 340mm W x 725mm H (LP0156)