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1 Pump RoadLazer RoadPak

P/N 25D268

Since 1997 Graco’s RoadLazer has been the “go to” system for many road and airport striping applications.

The modular design of the RoadPak System allows you to customise for your individual needs.

LineLazer 3400

Standard P/N 25M224

The LineLazer 3400 is the professional choice for dependable, 1-gun striping for small parking lots, seal coating contractors, schools and park and recreation departments.

CS-400 Solar Portable Traffic Light System

Type 2 (Automatic) Option 1 - Non Sign Frame P/N TL0401W-EB-S-02-F/R

The CS-400 Solar Portable Traffic Signal System brings to life a new generation of portable traffic light controllers. Whilst it purposely retains many of the features of its predecessor (CS-200) for familiarity and ease of use, the CS-400 also delivers an impressive list of new features that are 25 years in the making.