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1 Pump RoadLazer RoadPak

  • P/N 25D268
  • Since 1997 Graco’s RoadLazer has been the “go to” system for many road and airport striping applications.

    The modular design of the RoadPak System allows you to customise for your individual needs.


New for 2018, the RoadPak HD has twice the output, a larger bead tank and RoadPak Advanced Controller – allowing you to tackle those large complex, multiple-gun applications. In addition to this, Graco has added a rear seat with steerable carriage for those applications that require precise control. No matter what RoadLazer System you choose, you can take pride in the fact that all Graco RoadLazer Systems are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.


Choose Your:

  • RoadPak 1 Pump System
  • Gun Mounting System
  • Gun Arm
  • System Accessories
  • 1-Pump RoadPak (25M701)
  • Slide-In Mounting Frame (25G627)
  • 1-Pump 2-Gun RoadPak Gun Arm (25M708)
  • RoadPak Advanced Controller (25M711)
  • Simple Guide System (24G634)
  • Adjustable Gun Arm Beam (24G630)