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A1 Road Liner

  • GMax II 7900 P/N GMAX II-7900
  • The GMax II 7900 offers the most output of any piston pump pedestrian line marker on the market. Its 8.3 litre per minute (free-flow) capacity means you can spray with up to 3 guns at once! Great for airport runways. Both pumps offer the Graco ProConnect™ displacement pump which means you need NO tools to completely remove the pump.


A fantastic innovation, which means less downtime when replacing the packings. When line marking is your livelihood - don’t compromise. Either one of these heavy duty machines will give you years of top performance.

  • 3,300 psi
  • 1 Gun to 0.048" Max Tip
  • 2 Guns to 0.035" Max Tip
  • 3 Guns to 0.027" Max Tip
  • 8.33 litre / min
  • Honda 6.5HP Pull Start Motor
  • Striping Gun - Spray Gun (2), Tip & Guard
  • Hand Gun - Spray Gun (1), Tip & Guard


GMAX II-7900