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23 November 2020

What is Truck Mounted Attenuator and Why It Is Important?

The traffic of highways becomes crowded with people as time goes on. In addition, it is also difficult for work crews to work in security, especially with all the vehicles passing by. For those reasons, a truck mounted attenuator is designed to make sure everyone is safe in the work zone. In case you want to know further information, here is the explanation.

What is Attenuator Truck

An attenuator truck is a safety device welded or bolted on the side of a work truck. The sizes of the attenuator trucks are varying depending on the purposes. But, attenuators have a size of at least 1.5 meters wide to reduce the impact of an automobile collision. The material that is used on TMA is made from aluminum and galvanized steel with durable material to construct it.
The durable material attenuators are used to withstand crashes from vehicles at speeds recorded starting from 120KM/Hour. It is useful for preventing crash severities, reducing the number of fatalities, and reducing injuries of motorists or road workers. Besides, the impact of attenuators is designed to absorb high energy kinetic impact from vehicles.
This protection truck is parked in front of fixed and temporary structures at road construction projects on highways, overpass supports, crash barriers, and diversion intersections. Besides, this device (TMA) is mounted on specially fabricated trucks to be struck from behind and engage vehicle impact.

The Function of Attenuator Truck

An attenuator is a necessary safety device to use for all highway work areas. The crushed cushion is affixed to a shadow vehicle that is placed in a lane closure operation. This device is used by numerous states for highway construction zones. But all states have different regulations to use an attenuator before setting up in the work area.
It is essential to set up the regulation to prevent some risks, including hefty fines or worse, massive costs if the workers get an injury or death in the working area. For this reason, an attenuator is the best investment to avoid this danger. Both the workers and people who are using a highway can save their life when there is a certain threat.

The Procedure of This Safety Device

A truck mounted attenuator contains numerous components, including cartridge and strut parts. These components are linked together on an upright frame. This open cartridge is designed to diminish wind resistance and advance fuel efficiency when used on the job site at highway speed. Each energy-absorbing cushion has an aluminum comb core that is enclosed but aluminum powder.
These components are coated with a box module that provides maximum longevity and durability. A truck attenuator is also equipped with other additional elements, such as directional, LED brake, signal, and running light for further enhanced warnings to drivers when the night comes or facing extreme weather.
When it’s impacted, the truck modular design crushes in progressive stages to reduce the effect forces in the vehicles. The results of this process can decrease the repair costs with easy parts replacements. The curved lateral rails are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum cylinders. It is offering full-width impact protection along with the damage risk.
During the impact, the cushion is dependent on dissolving the kinetic energy when the crash from the vehicle exceeds a force beyond the capabilities of the truck. The absorption from truck attenuator is the main prevention mechanism to safeguard the braking that does not exceed critical levels for road users, especially drivers and passengers.

The Reason Why Should Use Attenuator Truck

Roads can be a dangerous area for everyone. For these reasons, numerous safety features are available to reduce the risk for all road users. One of the safety devices that help to avoid and reduce the danger is a truck attenuator. It is essential to make the site as safe as possible for workers and the drivers that use the road.

Even though there is bright signage and flashing light road, workers rely on to stand out to passing motorists. In some cases, there is a danger that a working vehicle has been hit by other vehicles on the road. For this reason, several safety vehicles operate around the road. To keep it safer, it is equipped with line marking undertaken on the road and some bright warning signs.

Besides, some safety innovations would help to protect road workers, including truck mounted attenuators to absorb the force of crashes when the drivers are unable to stop. This device can improve safety and works even better. Thus, when someone is not paying attention to their vehicles and getting crushed, attenuators can reduce the risk of danger.

The Benefits of Using Attenuator Truck

The use of this device is reducing the impact of collisions and crashes of vehicles. It is an excellent choice for attaching a truck-mounted attenuator to protect those involved in crashes. This device offers protection by absorbing the energy of the crashes when there is an accident on a highway. This reduces the impact on both vehicles and people inside.

Truck attenuators are designed to warn drivers of potential hazards from distance. They do this method through the use of warning indicators. It is working by reflective signs that are attached to the rear surface of the truck attenuator. These reflective signs can be seen by other people whether they are a good distance away, traveling at night, or driving in extreme weather.
Besides, a truck mounted attenuator is designed in a way that redirects wayward vehicles to decrease the impact. They use curved boards to try and redirect errant by nudging them away from the truck and avoiding impact or a collision with the rear of the truck. Using this device can reduce accidents or damage from the collision.

All in all, truck attenuators are one of the devices that are designed to save the lives of workers at roadworks. This device is available to absorb both high and low-speed impacts into the rear ends of a truck of construction. Safe operating procedures of this truck are essential to minimize the risk of the trucks being pushed from vehicles in front of when it hit.

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